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The new design, improved taste and a good cause campaign have been launched by 9Bar a couple of weeks ago.  Proudly repping was Ed Clancy, who doesn’t just rock the most zesty hair and is official masticator for 9Bar,  but is also Olympic gold medallist and MBE for his phenomenal bike handling skills. I had an honour of quickly relaying him the story of my life; following with accidental gorging on too many 9Bars, meeting jolly people of Solar Aid and smuggling away (not without the help though, hands up) blocks of the nutritional tidbits. Much obliged to the 9Barrians!

But let’s retrack to Ed Clancy and his involvement with the team 9Bar.

Ed Clancy

The relationship between Ed and the Welsh seed bar (Wrexham FYI)  goes back to the training times of 2006 when Nigel MitchellHead of nutrition at British Cycling, kept sending boys to Asda to replenish on 9Bars. It must have been rather recurrent of Nige to set those trips- resorting Ed to ask the brand to deliver themselves themselves. Thence the seed was planted and deliveries of nutritional bars commenced.  Comically it was such a win-win situation as Ed has been spectacular in bringing home two Olympic gold medals and three European and not even mentioning those chocolate ones…

Ed Clancy road bike

Everything Ed does in terms of road cycling is supportive of the track. He told me there is no specific road training and he perceives it as endurance batch.

With track season starting in October and ending with UCI Track Cycling World Championships (Usually March/April) means the colder half of the year is dedicated to the track. Once the summer starts the track cyclists already miss out on some of the major road racing events, meaning loosing out on many points.

Ed Clancy road bike     Ed Clancy road bike

The summer training sounds more like a leisurely getaways with the team (JLT Condor).

Ed tells me they just got back from the South of Italy where they spent days working on their endurance batches.

When asked about the major  events like Tour De France, Ed shrugs his shoulders: “Reality is that we would be bottle holders”.

He believes that the team are strong riders who would be able to compete in TDF and suchlike races, though their main specilisation is track and

this is what they primarily focus on.

The fueling plays an important role when it comes to six-eight hours of riding. 9Bars and other supplements are very welcome by the team, but admittingly , gels and sport drinks are are not excluded.

Ed Clancy with Pedlas editor Julija Baranovska

The last phrase from Ed was a banger: “A good pursuit race is just perfect” which followed with an OK sign.

The event also included an enlightening talk from Liz Tucker, Nutritional Therapist and Health Advisor. With a major recap on why seeds are good for us. Unfortunately all in vain as I am total imbecile when it comes to understanding chemical reactions and physical dependencies. My mind quickly wonders off into the land of flying unicorns.

9Bar     9Bar

Things to remember though: 9Bars do NOT have gluten, wheat or egg and are coeliac friendly (that’s where bloating is concerned).

And also if you wondered where does the name 9Bar originate from, look no further that below and take notes:

Seeds and nuts are nutritionally dense foods containing a wide range of nutrients including minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Magnesium, a key nutrient in pumpkin seeds, is a natural energy and metabolism booster, contributing to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Sunflower seeds are a good source of thiamine, which helps protect and maintain energy. While hemp seed, the undisputed star of the 9BAR show, not only contains Riboflavin (vitamin B2) which helps protect against the effects of oxidative stress, but is actually a complete protein containing all essential amino acids in a balanced ratio – including the 9 that are essential building blocks for good health, which is, of course, what gives 9BAR its name.

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