Cinelli Chrome soiree before Red Hook Crit

Slightly unsequential post as Red Hook Criterium article is out , nevertheless worth to have a look at the team Cinelli Chrome a day before they disembarked in the dry docks for what is now one of the biggest cycling events in the USA.

Team Cinelli Chrome

Friday evening.  248 Mulberry street infiltrated with bike couriers, bikepoloists and other velo enthusiasts; sipping beers munching on dumplings and hype’ing up the air. Tricks, skids and all sort of bikeperversions were executed on the street to the amusement of the sophisticated Manhattians.


Whilst inside Public Enemy and Wu-Tang were on the back vocals.Track or Die NYC

Couple of dozens of bikes guarding the store.Chrome Industries, New York

How unreal it was to see the unassuming & thrilled faces of Cinelli team after the actual RHC took place. So little they knew of the imminent crashes, stitches, tears and glory, though surely everyone had their own moment of happiness & thrill, fears & doubts.

Kelli Samuelson

Kelli Samuelson

Faz Adhili below looked ruminative. The following day he was rocking ten stitches on his face. Not being able to take part in the RHC he was consoled by marshalling the squad to the start line.

Faz Adhili

Somewhat a legend now Alfred Bobe Jr (below) an ex- pushbike messenger.

Alfred Bobe JrAlessandro Bruzza

Alfred Bobe Jr

The narrow but cosy Mulberry street full of organic goods’ boutiques was invaded by people people in tiny hats carrying massive rucksacks in unwalkable shoes…

Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit London cycling cap Track or Die NYCCinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit      Bearded guy messenger bag Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit  Bearded guy Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit Chrome industries tattoo  Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit Track or Die NYC Cinelli Chrome party Red Hook Crit

A drink was drunk, a dumpling was eaten, and a bag was bought! Because a girl can never have enough.

For the Red Hook Crit read on HERE

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