Critical Mass

Finally we made it to our very first Critical Mass.

The turnout was a staggering stampede: not only we ceased the motor-powered vehicles on the streets of London, we also brought the actual Critical Mass to a complete halt. Regardless of the snail pace and a few standstills, the euphoria was in the air. We had several pedalled DJs placed here and there of the peloton with different styles of music on offer.

Half way through the ride  we were cheered upon by a contraflow of skaters triggering an ecstatic glee from both of the sides. However cheesy that sounds but I did think that NOW  the Lord of the Streets were out. Another pleasant surprise was  a group of young drummers who came out to play (drum) and salut the riders.

Regardless of the continuous traffic stutters we made it to the Royals’ residence.

We did not continue our ride from there, so I am not responsible for anything what might have happened after that, but we took advantage of the long respite at the Buckingham Palace and this is how we jammed:

Critical Mass London September 2014 Buckingham palace

Critical Mass London September 2014 Critical Mass London September 2014 Julija Baranovska Critical Mass London September 2014 Critical Mass London September 2014 Critical Mass London September 2014 Buckingham Palace night State bicycle Cycling London

Critical Mass London September 2014

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    1. Julija Baranovska

      Hey Samuel,
      not sure whether you received my previous reply but yes sure go ahead.
      Give us some credit please.

      What’s your website?



  1. Jacques Berkers

    Hello Julija, how different these riders look, from the ones in L’ Eroica. However, I can feel the energy coming from those pictures. Very nice!! Hope to meet you soon again,on one or the other bike event. Brought you a one-size-fits-all cap from L’Eroica; no shirts available in Xs…. Next one, you have to earn your self ;-) on the whote roads of Tuscany.
    —-` \ <,~…………………` \ <,-
    –('_)/ ('_)……………..(.*.) / (.*.)
    Groeten, Jacques Berkers

  2. Julija Baranovska

    Hey Jacques,
    Been thinking (and envying) you guys riding at L’Eroica last Sunday. We were also blessed with amazing weather that day and went for the Wool Ride.
    Not something as epic as L’Eroica but better than nothing.
    AAAAAh the T-Shirt! How can I get my hands on it ? :D
    I am so in for the next year. Hope they are going ahead with the Britanica one too!

    P.S. I just realised these are two little cyclists on your sign off, how cool!

    1. Jacques Berkers

      Very good, Julija, you found out about the signature!! :))
      By the way: it is “how to get your hands on the “one-size-fits-all cap from L’Eroica”.
      Just send me personal message with your PO box. Otherwise I’ll have to keep it till next years Eroica Britania, where I will inscribe. Also already booked my appartment in Chianti, for next years Eroica in Tuscany.
      —-` \ <,~…………………` \ <,-
      –('_)/ ('_)……………..(.*.) / (.*.)
      Jacques Berkers

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