Playing hardball at Gumball

Organised  by Ramjam in conjunction with the Cemetery Cycling Club, Gumball alleycat race was a truly fun event. For Pedlas Pursuit repping the team and all kitted out by Duke of the Downs has turned out more than just a wallop down the streets. They work hard they play hard, so it was no surprise Matt Watson and Will Philips smashed this one again and this time as a team!

Gumball alleycat

Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat, Matt Watson and Will Philips

The 31st of July the mildly warm evening has shown a strong turnout of over 20 riders. The congregation point was busy as ever with majority arriving after a long day at work.

Gumball alleycat, Pedlas Pursuit

The spoke cards were distributed though the theme remained unclear until the the very first checkpoint.Gumball alleycat flyer Gumball alleycat checkpoints

The purposefully confusing manifest navigated through the busy junctions (all of them being circuses) where checkers were dispensing gumballs instead of tickets. It did appear that some of the checkpoints ran out of their balls which resorted some riders to take photographic measures .

Will Philips, Pedlas Pursuit

The finish line was quiet, as me and James from Subtle Couriers contemplated the dark streets in anticipation. It was no surprise when Will and Matt turned out first and second respectively, with Frank securing his third place just shortly after the team.

Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat, Matt Watson and Will Philips Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat, Matt Watson and Will Philips

The most entertaining part of the evening (for non-contestants) was yet to follow.

An afterparty with an enviable sound system was waiting for the crowd at some God forsaken marshes. Deep in East London and tucked away from whining Margarets, it was a perfect location for a little civil mayhem.

It took a while for the organisers to get their shit together and we grooved along many tunes, breathing with positiveness that was smoked around, it took many base throbbing tunes before the riders got to walk the podium.

_DSC5561Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat, Will Philips the winner

Some miniature gumball machines and cash were given out in prizes.Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat, Will Philips the winner

We devoured the renowned homemade goulash and mingled with humans for a bit before disappearing into the night.

Special thank you to Duke of the Downs, so timely providing the jerseys.

Great fit and sharp looks.

Pedlas Pursuit at Gumball alleycat

The new jersey brand started in March 2015, with the initial collection of four distinctive  designs by Chris  Gordon.

They are in the process devising their next winter release in collaboration with another artist, so watch their space.

You may even win an alleycat if you wear one….and if you train hard. Very hard.

Matt Watson, Pedlas Pursuit

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