It’s just a beginning at Red Hook Crit

For Pedlas Pursuit Cycling Club (PPCC)  it is just a beginning as our fellas are getting all leg-shaved to attempt 30 km circuit in a speedily tempo at Red Hook Crit this Saturday.

Not giving out too much the training incorporated hill climbs (somewhere they always go to I have no clue where it is), track (not like they gonna apply Madison at RHC but we put it into the same box), fuck-off night ride to Dunwich beach. All-in-all if you pedlas it counts.

Pedlas Pursuit

Pounding hooves:

Matthew Watson. Team coach

Occupation: Pushbike courier, personal trainer

Ride: D’Menor

Been riding fixed gear: 3 years

Favourite dish: “Burger and chips. I’ m a simple boy”

Matthew Watson Pedlas Pursuit

Shot by Londonmayhemsquad


William Philips. Team captain

Occupation: Pushbike courier

Ride: Breakbrake17

Been riding fixed gear: 2 years

Favourite dish: “Umm big ass prawn, thai green curry”

Will Philips Red Hook Crit

Will Philips Red Hook Crit

Wishing our team all the best and a channeled tail wind.

Big thanks go out to Bounce Balls on supporting our endeavors and keeping us bouncy and ballsy :D

Also just found out that “bally” is an American slang stands for “ass peddler” and is a prostitute of either sex.

I’ll take the “ass peddler” please, and the other one can be RHC’s…. bitches…

Bounce Energy Balls

#feelgoodwithbounce @BounceBallsUK

Good luck!


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