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Thrown by Track Or Die ( a tribe of pushbike couriers who live and breath the streets of New York City) a relay race  in honour of 4/20 has rocked Manhattan one April afternoon.

Relay race

Unlike in your usual alleycat, the relay race route is predetermined and is split into three segments:  sprint, heavy traffic and long distance. This also means that strictly teams of threes can take part in the shebang. An entry fee is 10 bucks each with only one wristband issued per team. Whomever rock, paper, scissors determine to be the first rider gets the wristband to be swiftly delivered to the next checkpoint and handed over to your team mate. He/She then shoots off to smash through their segment and to relay the band to the ultimate rider. Pretty simples.Relay raceRelay raceRelay race

Most of the route comprised of one long stretch along the island. Without compromising myself in the traffic I resorted to the riverside cycling path and shoot it up along Manhattan.

The finish point was the crossing of the 145th Street and Amsterdam Avenue (if you care to check). The later is having a bit of incline and some riders jumped off their bikes to run up the hill. No rules is no rules indeed. Not that it has made a major difference though I can imagine the London counterparts would scoff and jeer at such a thought.

Also noticed that many preferred straps to cleats. This particular sprint had an even amount of both, though at Cinelli Pre RHC party I was one of not so many who rocked a pair of SPD shoes.

Relay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay race Relay raceRelay race Relay race Relay race Relay race_DSC1558Relay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay raceRelay race

Traditionally and without exception some munchies in form of pizzas were provided, 4/20 was heartily celebrated and trackstands were thrown in abundance.

Relay raceRelay race

Dev Zaveri, a pushbike courier from New Jersey, flown along some riders to capture the below:

Track or Die

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