Spin London Spring 2015

What I like about Spin is that it always spills out some fresh beans. Whether we talking of new custom built bikes or some novice clothes’ brands.

But back to the start. The lighting in the hall was so dim that it rendered all of the photographers into a unison whine. I was flashing my gun when  a row of pussies smiled at me uncannily. A cycling apparel with a clever use of reflective paint, House of Astbury was discovered. A couple of mischievous slogans, organic materials, hand printing and cats…you just can’t go wrong there.

Spinldn SpinLdn

With a strong feminist ethos, House of Astbury challenges gender binary and welcomes anyone to rock their threads.

Finding its routes in South East London, the brand is run by three chicks who swear by the DIY principles and strive for sustainability. Worth checking out -> www.houseofastbury.co.uk


Not your usual biyach cruiser- Frinton Flyers are perhaps the only fully customised chopper bikes produced in England.


These beasts come pedalled or with incorporated hub mounted electric motors. In between a pushbike and a motorbike the rides are so comfortable it made me want to cry.



Whilst trying out three of the steeds at a test track (as one is obviously not enough) I had to chant to myself that cycling is about pain and suffering- I better not get too cozy. But a new tickbox has been added to my retirement plan, so plenty of time to think on the designs. I may rock a catcage and whatnot.


SpinLdn  SpinLdn

May be a rasta bike or perhaps a fragment off a tube map.  Mind the gap.SpinLdn      SpinLdn

Ain’t no handlebars can ever go to waste if you can weld another handlebars out of them. Loved that.SpinLdn SpinLdn SpinLdn SpinLdn SpinLdn

Was great to see Vel-Oh at the show with newly updated designs. The back button has been moved down to allow for more comfort on the little of your back. See below, Greta is doing a great job of showing where the button has moved now.

Having one of the Vel-Oh totes I can vouch for the wicked rucksack transformation and the founders are the coolest dudes.


In time for the show ladies’ handmade gloves were added to the brand’s range. Obvs all real leather.


Catch Vel-Oh at L’Eroica Britannia  from 19th to 21st of June.


This vintage festival held in Peak District over three days guarantees a true time travel. The retro repertoire, outside of the vintage bike ride, includes and is not limited to: jazz &rock n roll bands, live music, disco floor, barbers, hair salon and make-up, hardware shops, cook-shops, flowershops, vintage fashion, antique furniture and home-wares, bookshops. You’ll also find Historical frame builders matched with current bike brands and sporting lawns for those whose 100 miles of the Peak District (or less if you chose) is still not enough.


Here with the main man behind L’Eroica Britannia


John Smedley has bid its support to L’Eroica by releasing a limited edition of  cycling jerseys. All the bestest material blends apriori.


A respite stop has had to be had. Some coffee was involved.



And another couple of rides that caught my eye:

SpinLdn SpinLdn

No idea what is this but it makes me a bit uneasy just looking at it. I truly hope that his version is missing its saddle or may be….SpinLdn

SpinLdn SpinLdn SpinLdnSpinLdn

Was good. To the next one!

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