Vel-Oh bag, whichever way you like it

Vel-Oh bag

A convertible tote-rucksack from Vel-Oh is to become a staple item in any urbanitarian’s wardrobe. I was about to say cyclist, but it is such a universal vessel that would cater to all genres of dudes. Vel-Oh bag tag

Behind the concept are Greta and Zulfi releasing their new range of bags which you can snatch at the upcoming Spin and L’Eroica Britannia and any time of the day on their online page:

Absolute wins:

The conversion.  Once it is a tote bag, then you do something to it and it turns into a rucksack. It’s fast, easy and kind of fun too. FYI I wear it as a crossbody bag which is not even one of the suggested ways.

Vel-Oh bagVel-Oh bag instruction

The heritage. Produced at The British Millerain factory (where all the posh Burberry jackets come from),  Vel-Oh bags guarantees some serious level of quality.

Vel-Oh bagMy tote has a label on the inside shouting about the British make, though this has now been upgraded and instead you will have Vel-Oh etched leather patch. This leaves me with a limited edition bag and you with an improved version. Win-win.  Vel-Oh bag

Padded back. There is an internal padded compartment that lines your back and is deep enough to serve as a laptop sleeve.

Water resistance. The thoroughly waxed cotton will resist water based liquids and most importantly rain and dirt. The droplets will just roll off  like water off a duck’s back. Quak quak.

Though it is not sealed on the seams, so if you suddenly decide to reverse and transport your aquarium in the bag, it IS going to leak! You been warned. Vel-Oh bag

Magnetos. I am absolutely in love with the magnets. Fuck Velcro on Chrome bags (Sorry Chrome industries, but your niche are buckles, not Velcros).

Not only Velcros are catastrophically noisy (I feel like tear opening a crocodile’s gab  CRRRRRRRRAAATTHH); Velcros are engineered to destroy any remotely valuable item of clothes. If it is some shitey pijamas then the fabric is not going to catch, but if you are wearing a merino jersey for a date, you are fucked. (Not on a date but your jumper. But you may be so on the date too….)

Magnets are noisefree, super light to open and snap back. Tick-pock. They go through the main compartment and the outer pocket. As the tote has a rolled top it gives an extra security making it impossible to access your bag whilst you are wearing it. Not for you nor anyone else.

Straps. Are. Comfortable.

Vel-Oh bag straps

And the button which scarily lies on the little of my back so far has not caused me any trouble. This, however, will vary depending on what type of bike you ride, the commute, and whether you really need all that stuff with you. The long distance riders would want to abstain, but if dashing for 2-3 miles about town, the button shall not buzz.

There is room in this bag. You can carry shit lots of shits which is nice.

Smell. The leather is genuine and there are no doubts since it aromatised my whole wardrobe.

Polka dots. Our nod of approval to the fresh design.

The look is neat and sophisticated but not making you look like a pretentious tit.

Vel-Oh bag

There are studs on the bottom to stabilise your bag.

I wish there were:

More compartments. More smaller compartments. More quickly accessible smaller compartments. All the present ones are deep, you will find yourself bottom diving to retrieve tings. And if in a rucksack mode the strapping construction has to be dismantled every time when you need to take something out.

Greta & Zulfi emphasize that idea behind Vel-Oh is to serve as a tote bag and only secondarily as backpack. So you carry it as a tote-> convert->ride-> deconvert.

Tested and approved.

May contain traces of Burberry.

Vel-Oh bag

Vel-Oh official page:

The bags come at £185.oo which puts it at a competitive level with Brooks. Though the skilled craftmanship behind each bag and the limited range guarantees an individually assessment of quality and endurance. Breaking away from the highstreet brands, is a great way to support local business, the heritage of the UK woven history and just simply stay cool&original.

Spin London exhibition 8-10 May.

L’Eroica Britannia, 19-21 June, Peak District.

Vel-Oh bag

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